Can Clarkson Do No Wrong?

10 April 2015

By Annie

BBC boss Lord Hall’s dramatic statement which followed Jeremy Clarkson’s banishment from the Top Gear set… now has as much worth as a chocolate teapot.

As was previously reported, Clarkson was swiftly removed from his position on the BBC Two car enthusiast show, despite an ever-growing petition which campaigned to have him reinstated, after he punched a producer backstage and required him to receive medical attention. In a noble public acknowledgment to his decision, Lord Hall stated that “a line has been crossed. There cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another dictated by either rank, or public relations and commercial considerations.” These dramatic phrases brought some solace for those who were not impressed by Clarkson’s arrogant, brutish behaviour and had us believing justice had finally been served.

Sadly, as has recently been reported, the presenter will return to our screens on April 24th as a guest host on BBC satirical comedy Have I Got News For You, where it is almost certain that the assault against an innocent man will be ridiculed by the panel of jokers. It seems that, whereas it was made clear that his savage attack was not welcome on the Top Gear set, other BBC shows are willing to take their chances. In a statement, a spokesperson for the broadcasting company merely argued, “Jeremy’s contract has not been renewed on Top Gear but he isn’t banned from appearing on the BBC.”

In any other workplace, physical violence of any kind would result in the attacker being sacked and possibly pressed with legal charges. Despite Lord Hall’s clear criticism of ‘one rule for one and one rule for another dictated by rank’, it seems that this practice has been clearly implemented here. Is the BBC boss truly satisfied that justice has been served when Clarkson’s actions have not provided an obstacle to him gaining a spot on a popular evening comedy show, despite the damage he has done to veteran producer Oisin Tymon? All we can hope is that Clarkson has learned that he cannot erupt in a diva tantrum and be hit by no consequences whatsoever… regardless of how puny the consequences are.

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