Can These Names Get Any Worse?

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23 December 2013

By Bronwen

Just where do the celebrities get all these weird names from?! We’ve had ‘Apple’s and ‘Denim’s and ‘North’s but we’re guessing that Kate Winslet’s baby, Bear Rocknroll, may be in for a lot more ridicule than ‘Happy Hinds’ (Macy Gray’s baby).

Our hearts go out to these kids. Can you imagine going into Starbucks and having to tell the barista that your name is “Jermajesty Jackson” so that they can write it on your cup? Or sitting in class and having to say “here” when the teacher calls your odd name out on the register? Just imagine the sniggers from all of the normal-named children.

Your name is your identity in the world. Surely nobody wants people to be reminded of them every time they see an apple…



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