Career Choice: Copywriter

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1 December 2013

By NEBeep

Whenever you look at the TV listings, see a billboard advertising your favourite car or read a brochure for your next holiday, the words you are reading are the responsibility of a copywriter. Usually found in PR Agencies and advertising agencies, the work a copywriter does is varied and it is their responsibility to bring ideas to life through their words.

So for anyone fueled by a love of the English language, this job might be right up your street.


What made you want to become a copywriter?

I knew I wanted a job where I was able to be creative and do something different every day. I’ve always been drawn to advertising but I’m fairly terrible at drawing so I focused on writing instead.


What did you study in college and where? 

A degree in English and Creative Writing at Northumbria University.


Is there a ‘proper’ way of becoming a copywriter? 

I don’t think so, if there is I definitely haven’t done it. A lot of people study advertising at college though. What worked for me was asking for work experience. I learnt lots from people doing the job I wanted to do, all for the price of a bus fare and making the teas.


What’s the hardest part of your job and why?

Probably a big copy checking job. You’re making sure there aren’t any mistakes in the text that is used on websites, in brochures and on flyers that are produced, whether it’s something you have written or not.


How many years did it take you to become a copywriter?

This is my first job as a copywriter and I graduated 18 months ago.


What traits do you need to possess in this line of work?

A good grasp of English and a good work ethic.


If you wanted to move on in your career what direction might you take?

Progression for copywriters is usually moving on to a role as a head of copy or a creative director.

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