While the DC cinematic universe may be hugely popular at the box office, it has left some with a sour taste in their mouths. Films like Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were panned by critics, understandably because they both sucked.

Superman himself, Henry Cavill, has recently spoken about the ‘mistakes’ that DC has made.

In an interview with The Rake, the actor said that DC’s problems were more than just the character comparisons with Marvel. He put it down to the style that the films tried to go for trying to ‘look at things from a different perspective, which hasn’t necessarily worked’. He’s not wrong. Batman V Superman took over $170.1 million at the box office on opening weekend, but given how dark the thing was it felt like a slog to get through.

He mentioned the recently released Wonder Woman as a ‘step in the right direction.’ Wonder Woman has been praised for its leading lady Gal Gadot and how it does the backstory of one of DC’s lesser portrayed heroes. However, one must ask, was it because it was actually good? Or was it just the first coherent DC movie?

Gal Gadot was displeased with the way the character had been portrayed in Batman V Superman, which directly goes against who she is in the standalone. In the movie, it suggests Wonder Woman is returning after a long time away from mankind. The standalone movie, however, makes it seem like she would just never give up on mankind. So, she has always been there.

Hopefully, the next DC movie Justice League which is due out in a few weeks will rectify the mistakes of the past.