Ed Sheeran is set to appear with Example and Big Nartsie on Celebrity Gogglebox.

The show will be aired on Friday, with a few other big names too. The show normally depicts usual people reacting to whatever happens to be on the telly that evening. The show has garnered a few favourites, with some of those favourites being axed for certain views.

*Cough* UKIP supporters *cough*.

Last week, it was also revealed that Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party and everyone under 25’s Jesus, will be on the show too.

Yes, lad.

Ed said, “I’m such a huge fan of Gogglebox so it’s going to be weirdly surreal to actually be part of it.”

Liam Gallagher will also be on the show, saying it was ‘an honour to be invited on one of my favourite TV shows, the mighty Gogglebox.

This version of the show will be for charity and starts at 9 pm on Friday 3rd November.

Will you be tuning in for what is essentially TV-ception? You watch other people who are watching TV.

What a ridiculous yet effective idea for a show.