Chinese Anyone?

Chinese takeaway meals from supermarkets and restaurants should carry health warnings, due to the high level of salt, campaigners have said. Action on Salt analysed more than 150 dishes and found some of them contained half of the recommended daily salt intake for an adult.

Main courses like your standard beef in black bean sauce topped the list when it came to salt. But, adding a serving of egg fried rice could add an extra 5.3g. Side dishes and sauces could then further up the salt intake to about 4g per person.

Few takeaway dishes came in at under 2g of salt. Things like prawn crackers and spring rolls were among the few dishes that came in under the mark.

Hangover? What you need is salt and noodles.

When it comes to super-market Chinese meals, the salt varies rather wildly.

Things like spare ribs and aromatic duck were toward the bottom of the list, surprisingly. You’d think a big ol’ tray of ribs would contain more salt than a noodle dish but nope.

Soy sauce, obviously, contained more salt than other dips, but sweet dips like chilli sauce or plum could contain quite a bit too.

Normally, such meals would carry a red notification on the pack, however many of them don’t. This push could see a lot more warnings on certain packaging. Restaurants would also have to notify customers on things like menus when ordering their favourite dish.

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