CIA Interrogations Questioned

12 December 2014

By James

A report from members of the senate on the activities of the CIA in detaining and interrogated suspected terrorists has caused major waves in the American government and in the worldwide intelligence community.

The report, compiled by Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, has revealed some shocking facts about the so-called ‘war on terror’, which tell of suspects being deprived of sleep for up to 180 hours and being sealed inside a coffin-sized box, as well as repeated uses of ‘water-boarding’, an interrogation method in which the victim has water poured over the nose and mouth. It has also come to light that the justification of these methods was based on exaggerated reports of their effectiveness.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the CIA deliberately impeded the correct flow of justice and political decision-making not only in America but in other nations, and that psychologists had been specially contracted to design the most effective methods possible.

These methods were not approved by the US government in any way: in short, the methods of interrogation used were about as illegal as it is possible to be.

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