If you haven’t read the first part, what the heck are you doing here?

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If you have, well… this is where things get heavy.

Just before the iconic airport scene, we are introduced to another newcomer (sort of) to the MCU.


Yep, he’s finally got a shoe in a real Marvel film.

After a brief conversation and almost a full recap of his origin with Tony Stark, he is given some new threads and thrust into the limelight.


Tom Holland’s performance blends well with the familiar faces we’ve seen over the last few films, and is far more accurate than the Andrew Garfield rendition. The suit is iconic, with the throwback of the smaller spider in the centre of the suit. Plus, he has movable eyes, which move when he glares or raises his eyebrows.

My favourite Spider-Man so far.

The fight at the airport also includes Ant-Man, played by Paul Rudd, and adds more humour to the screen, and when he becomes giant, the fights just get better.


But Cap and Bucky have to escape. To find Zemo, they have to leave the rest of Team Cap behind.

As they make their exit using a jet plane, War Machine and Iron Man close in for the attack, followed by Falcon. Vision attempts to disable Falcon’s jet pack, but misses, and takes out War Machine. Falling from the sky, Rhode crashes, becoming paralysed. We then see a side to Tony we’ve never seen. Rage. Falcon tries to apologise. And gets a face full of repulsor.

The remaining heroes on Cap’s side are taken to a super-max prison, run by General Ross, and Tony realised that the bombing of the UN wasn’t Bucky, and patches things up a bit with Falcon. He then learns where Bucky and Cap have gone, and sets off for them.


Zemo has gone to the place where Bucky was made, years ago. And we learn that there are others like him. We assume Zemo is going to unleash these super beings on our heroes, but no.

He throws a curve ball.

Remember the 1991 mission Bucky went on?

The people he killed were Tony’s parents. Zemo tells Tony, and the fight that follows is brutal.

Every punch has weight to it. It’s heart breaking, watching these once proud friends succumb to savagery and rage.


Long story short, Cap beats Tony (just), and leaves with Bucky.

The end of the film rounds everything off with a monologue from Steve in the form of a letter, while he breaks out the other members of his team from prison.

He lets it be known that if Tony should ever need him, all he needs to do is call.

The film is a masterpiece. Genuinely, it is the pinnicle of what Marvel films should be. Humor, tears, and some amazing fight scenes.

Definite movie of the year so far.