Clamp Down on Binge Drinking

2 June 2014

By Yasmine

Seven universities are trying to divert students away from binge drinking by signing up to a pilot scheme. The universities will be expected to make non-alcoholic drinks cheaper and limit alcohol promotion. The NUS and Home Office scheme is set to run for a year. The seven universities taking part are Loughborough, Nottingham, Swansea, Brighton, Manchester Metropolitan, Liverpool John Moore and Royal Holloway.

MP Norman Baker, who is supporting the scheme said ‘I hope campuses will be places where students can have a good time, can learn, get a job while they’re there and enjoy themselves including drinking responsibly’. Baker was quick to say he wasn’t a ‘killjoy’ after being quizzed whether or not he went on pub crawls when he was in university. He also went on to say that he is not picking on young people and that and that his view is ‘The student generation is more responsible than previous generations’. He also admitted ‘Some MPs drink too much’. Maybe, MPs should look a little closer to home.

The clamp down on binge drinking may have come around after the necknominaton craze, which cost the life of two students earlier this year.



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