Clarkson Out!

26 March 2015

By Annie

The boss has spoken! Jeremy has taken a step too far and he has been once and for all struck down from his post on the well-loved BBC show Top Gear after a staggering 12 years. 

Clarkson was immediately suspended from working on the Top Gear set following what was lightly labelled a ‘fracas’ with a producer. This incident involved known friend Oisin Tymon, who angered the presenter when he allegedly failed to put on a hot feast for the cast and crew, following production of the show in March. In what was named an “unprovoked physical and verbal attack”, Clarkson is said to have punched Tymon, who later required medical assistance.

As was outlined in my previous piece, the arrogant TV personality had shown little remorse for his unpleasant assault. Spurred on by the online petition which called for his reinstatement under the heading ‘Freedom for Fracas’, Clarkson may have begun to believe he was immune from basic workplace rules which condemn physical violence. His co-stars James May and Richard Hammond had also previously adopted a laid-back approach to the investigation, even with May utilising the hashtag #StillUnemployed on a number of tweets poking fun at the suspension of the production of Top Gear. It is disappointing to see these TV favourites viewing the assault of a young man as a trivial hiccup in their careers.

Some would conclude justice has truly been served – in a statement, Lord Hall declared that “a line has been crossed”. He has taken the safety of his employees into account and quite rightly found that, despite the talent and so-called charisma of Clarkson, aggressive behaviour can not be tolerated. The punishment doesn’t end here – reports have surfaced which declare that the North Yorkshire police are investigating the attack and “appropriate action will be taken”. In response, victim Tymon thanked BBC executives for a “thorough and swift investigation into this very regrettable incident”.

Despite his personal mistakes, Clarkson will be extremely missed on popular car show Top Gear. James May commented that this will not signal the end of the show, yet dynamics will certainly be shifted without the effortless camaraderie of the Hammond, Clarkson and May trio.

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