Class Act! Podcast

9 December 2020

By Lauren E. White

For years now you may have been reading the writing of myself and Bronwen Lowery on Beep quite happily, without disruption.

I have written about the perhaps more boring, serious stuff, like the experience of northern students at Durham, while Bronwen has lightened the mood and brought the laughs. Most notably, she wrote a viral story about fajitas. And each story of hers is peppered with wit.

So, what would happen if you brought us two together and made a podcast out of us? Well, that’s where the Class Act! Podcast was born – and you can listen to it now on YouTube.

Class Act! is where you can hear our dulcet Geordie tones discussing literally everything. We talk about clowns every episode, roast Nigel Farage, cringe at Justin Bieber and find an idiot on the Internet with a stupid opinion to poke fun at. It’s a laugh, and it’s all done in around 15 minutes.

Fancy listening?

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