Clinton Cards Apologise!

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8 December 2014

By NEBeep

A card that appeared on the Clinton Cards website has now been removed having faced criticism from members of the public on social media sites and the company’s Facebook page.

The high street card company should have maybe thought about the response from the general public having stereotyped people who live on a council estate in what was supposed to be a funny card.


Some people posted that Great Britain have lost their sense of humour and that they didn’t find the card offensive one bit, but Clinton Cards have apologised over the card which gives 10 reasons as to why ”Santa Claus must live on a council estate.”

Here are the 10 reasons inside the card:

1) He has a serial record for breaking and entering.
2) He uses various wild animals to pull his sleigh.
3) He works once a year.
4) He’s never actually been seen doing any work in his whole life.
5) He drinks alcohol during his working hours.
6) He barely leaves his home for the fear of being recognised.
7) He wears the same out of fashion clothes and never washes them.
8) He uses loads of different names and aliases purely for his own gain.
9) He gets letters from a lot of different people demanding that he owes them things.
10) He can get hold of all the latest designer gear but never pays a penny for it.

Everyone has their own opinion, what is your opinion over the council estate card?

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