Closet Racism at its Best

Here we go again.

The US presidential election campaign is finally, after what feels like centuries of waiting, about to begin. And it would appear some of us are trying everything they can to secure as many votes as possible.

Trump, obviously, has tried to swoop in and claim what he calls the “black vote”, saying the Democrats take it for granted.

Naturally, many people on Twitter couldn’t wait to shove this load of bullb**p back in his face.

Trump, in all his time in this campaign, has not visited a single black church, neighbourhood or college. Not a single one. He has turned down a number of opportunities to talk to black community groups and rights organisations. A cast iron fact that many voters will not forget.

While in Milwaukee this week, Trump was actually 30 miles away from the scene of yet another police shooting incident, again of a black man. He made his appeal to an all white suburb, and once again Twitter had something to say.

As some small solace, his blundering in Milwaukee has put him at a dissatisfied 64% in the polls, and previous polls have shown him to have a 0% approval rating among African American voters in several swing states.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t win Ohio when it counts.

*Nervous sweating*

*Nervous sweating*