Combatting Exam Stress

20 June 2019

By Tegan Oxley

Exam results. They wreak havoc among the world in students everywhere. After revising, remembering to sleep, and then taking your exams, there is a lot of pressure to get a good mark-particularly if you are taking key exams in your life like your GCSEs or A-levels. These supposedly life-defining results could affect your job, your house, and your University choices. Supposedly!! In reality, these results aren’t too important. Obviously, you should still try to get a good mark but if you get unlucky then you can always remedy it later – actual work experience is more important than a few fancy numbers on a piece of paper.

However ,in case you are still worried, I have compiled a few ways for you to relieve stress in the lead-up to getting your exam results.

1.Consider just how far you have come already.

From when you first started studying, you have accomplished so much and have gained so much knowledge. If you use any of this knowledge in any way in the future, then your time won’t have been wasted, even if you get poor results.

2.Chill with your friends

Your friends are the people most likely to know exactly what you’re going through as they may be experiencing a very similar situation right now! Organise a bunch of hangouts and just chill. Talk out how you found the exam and you will find that everyone else found the exam just as hard as you did.

3.Set a goal

If you set a goal or start a new hobby, you will become distracted from the results so won’t stress about them as much. For example, you could start running. Both as a way to cope with results stress and as a way to a healthier lifestyle. Just find something you enjoy and feel happy doing, then do it!

4.Clear your room

Whilst you were studying, you most likely have neglected your room and it may have fallen into disarray. Notebooks may be scattered across the floor, practice papers threatening to fall from a mightily high pile and untidied plates and unwashed, dirty dishes may be everywhere. Clear away your results stress by literally clearing away the mess in your room and removing the constant reminders of your exams.

5. Spend time outdoors and with animals

Soothing and beautiful, submerging yourself in nature can relieve a lot of stress by reminding you of the beauty of the world. Similarly, spending time with a furry companion will greatly soothe your nerves.

Considering it, most of these techniques can be applied to pre-exam stress too (if you slightly modify them). Just take a deep breath, calm down and try to stop worrying. If you get a bad result, despite it sometimes feeling like it, it’s not the end of the world.

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