Coming Out of the Cabinet

Conservative MP David Mundell has openly come out as gay, a decision he described as “one of the most important of my life”.

The 53-year-old said that coming out would not change anything about how he was treated.

Mr Mundell, who is Scotland’s only Tory MP, said that coming out to the public was “harder than standing for election, speaking in the House of Commons or being cross-examined on television.”

He has said that he has received a staggering amount of support from his family and friends, and even from other members of the Conservative party, including Ruth Davidson, who is also openly gay, who tweeted that she was “really proud of my friend David”.

When doing something as  daunting as coming out, it’s important to remember that friends and family are there for support and help. We congratulate Mr Mundell on his newly-announced sexuality, and wish him the best.