Conservative’s Candy Crush

9 December 2014

By Yasmine

It looks like the Tory party are in hot water at the minute as MP Nigel Mills was seen enjoying a game of Candy Crush on an iPad in the middle of a meeting. He was sat at a tax-payer-funded tablet blasting away different candy when he should have been participating in a Work and Pensions Committee hearing.

Mills was forced to apologise after pictures emerged in a newspaper yesterday of him playing the online game. The Derbyshire MP said “There was a bit of the meeting I wasn’t focusing on and I probably had a game or two. I apologise unreservedly for my behaviour at the committee meeting and realise it fell short of what is expected of a member of parliament.”

Two rights Nigel! It’s a wonder that he isn’t getting people to sign a petition to bring back Flappy Bird. It’s time to stop wasting taxpayers’ money and get a bit work done!

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