Cool Places to Work

18 December 2013

By Yasmine

Imagine walking into your office every morning to be confronted with a huge steel slide. Well, the employees at Ticketmaster, London, have that pleasure. With a quick slide from the first to ground floor, you can be finished work in seconds, because stairs are just so over rated.  The US Company said that the office will “prioritise socialising”. The slide takes you from the first floor to the bar area, where a jukebox and football table await. Only if we were all that lucky?


Advertising company, Wieden + Kennedy have a green leather padded cell. It was installed after someone told Tony Davidson, the creative director, “The way you carry on, you should be in a padded cell”. It seems that Mr Davidson has a rather sarcastic side. But visitors may think have stepped into a mental asylum. The employees must have a right laugh in that room.


Visualise going to work and sitting at one huge desk with every other employee? Mother, the ad agency in the trendy Shoreditch neighbourhood of London, has done exactly that. Imagine shouting miles down the concrete desk “Here, Bob, chuck the stapler down when you have a minute!” You would never feel alone again, but sitting beside someone you might not like may prove a bit problematic.




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