Could PUBG Reach 100m Users?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been the runaway success of 2017. Created by Brendan Greene, who worked on the battle royal mods for Arma III, his game has sold over 10 million copies on PC, with a concurrent player base that beat out Dota 2. It’s incredible that a game that came out of nowhere, with no fan fare, or big release onto Steam, could beat out one of Valve’s most popular games.

The developer compared the roaring success to League of Legends, a MOBA, that reached 100 million monthly players in 2016. This figure may not be out of reach, considering that PUBG was released in March and has since gained so much attention in the few short months it’s been out.

Brendan also revealed to that there were no plans to increase the price of the game so far. This could be a possible reason for the game’s massive success. Priced at £26.99($30), you’re getting quite a bit of your money. I currently have 72 hours in the game and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Bluehole, the developer of the game, will release the Xbox One version of the game in ‘late 2017’, with Microsoft publishing it. The developer has discussed other console releases (PS4), but nothing is concrete at this point.

New content continues to be patched into the game. We recently learned that the next map will be set in the desert and it looks pretty dope.

Oh, and I finally won a game.

Yeah, boys.

SCAR-L for the win people.