Could You Have Juicerexia?

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10 March 2014

By Bronwen

A new eating disorder has emerged in the world of dieting, called juicerexia. Beyonce did it, Jennifer Aniston did it, and now you’re doing it. 89% of people in the UK with an eating disorder are female, and they are most likely to be suffering from the juicing disease.

What is juicerexia?

The disorder involves juicing main meals (not snacks) and drinking them as liquids rather than solids for a few days at a time. The sufferer will eat no solid foods in the “detoxing” time, and their meals will be able to pass out of them much more quickly than if they were eating solid foods.

Why is this bad?

Juicing fruit up to make a smoothie is fine as long as it isn’t a SUBSTITUTE for meals. You get hardly any nutrition from juicing all your food, hence why people are losing weight so quickly; it is so quick for the food to leave your body. You need solid foods because you need FIBRE. Without it, you will die.

People are becoming addicted to juicing their foods, and the statistics show it. In 2013, juicer sales went up by 4000%! The whole thing becomes especially harmful when people realise how much weight they can lose; this is when they become addicted. But the change of digestion to your body may affect its ability to digest food in the future. The whole thing is really dangerous, and even though Queen B did it, it does not mean that it is healthy.

Like we’ve said, blending a few strawberries together is fine, but make sure your main meals are solid.

Some side effects of juicerexia are:

–          Light headedness

–          Dizziness

–          Hallucinations

–          Ruins your metabolism- it could take you LONGER than normal to digest food

–          Fainting

There isn’t a lot of info on the disorder, because it has only just came into the public eye, but if you think someone you know could be suffering, read the article on how to support a friend with an eating disorder, share this article with them or call any applicable helpline.


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