Crime Writer Arrested for Murder

A Chinese crime writer, Liu Yongbiao, has been taken into police custody after allegedly violently murdering four people over two decades ago. In the introduction to his latest novel The Guilty Secret, he revealed his plans for his next novel in which a glamorous female crime author evades justice and carries out a series of grisly crimes. It was to be titled The Beautiful Writer Who Killed.

The crime in question took place on the 29th November 1995 when he and an accomplice checked into a hotel in order to rob the guests. When one victim fought back he was beaten to death, and in order to conceal the crime, the men also murdered an elderly couple and their 13-year-old grandson who would have been witnesses to the crime. Until now the police have been unable to identify the perpetrators, however, advances in forensics have been said to contribute to the new strides forward in the case, with the police having analysed around 60,000 samples.

Yongbiao said to police ‘I have been waiting for you here all this time’ when they arrived on his doorstep to arrest him late last week. Since his arrest, the author and murder suspect has written a letter to his wife confessing his crimes. He is said to have written, “Now I can finally be free from the mental torment I’ve endured for so long.”