Crisis on Earth-X: Review

This week the four primary CW Arrowverse shows had their annual crossover event. Over two days and four forty minute instalments the likes of Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow were pitted against a world ending threat in the closest thing the CW gets to an exciting premise. As the sole person in the world still giving up the time in their life to keep up with all four shows, this was an interesting prospect for me.

So the premise: The Flash and his fiancĂ© are getting married. All other heroes, be they time travelling or in another dimension are visiting for the wedding. This goes awry when the ceremony is interrupted by an invasion of Nazi forces (I’ve been to worse) as well as evil Arrow, evil Flash and evil Supergirl. A classic formula.

What makes this crossover work better than last years Invasion event was the addition of decent antagonists. Last years Dominators were just a faceless army of aliens for Arrow to murder guilt-free without mucking up his season arc. This year’s dark doppelgangers are far more interesting to watch foil the heroes and the presence of a nemesis even close to the same power-level of Supergirl makes the action scenes a lot more compelling (even if it is just Supergirl in black spandex with a stunt-woman concealing mask on).

The Nazis are a reliable minion army to pick as well. They’re instantly hateable and provide punching opportunities for non-superpowered characters. Also, with the CW’s ham-fisted attempts at themes like LGBT pride, feminism and racial issues never far under the surface, some shockingly competent pathos can be dragged out of the fascist presence in some scenes.

Everything else is filled with exactly the same stuff you either love or hate about the Arrowverse. The soppy drama, the wince-inducing effects, quippy character moments between actors who are clearly having a blast.

It’s a rewarding time if you keep up with the shows and if you don’t… well it’s at least decent enough to put on in the background while you do your homework.