Cure Your Phobias Via Apps!

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1 May 2014

By Bronwen

Phobias could be a thing of the past, as an app has been designed to help sufferers of arachnophobia to get over their heart-stopping fears of spiders. The app, Phobia Free, makes the therapy seem almost game-like, as initially, you complete missions to help cute little cartoon spiders. As the game goes on, and as the user starts to feel more at ease around spiders, the spiders that you help become more and more lifelike, until finally, you have a realistic looking tarantula.

Another app helps those who experience panic attacks to overcome them. The app is called Flowy and it encourages the user to partake in breathing exercises, by completing tasks that subtly guide you through breathing.

The advantages are plentiful- cheaper than therapy, more private, more accessible than attending therapy, etc. There has been some controversy, as some people have claimed that people are using these apps are a “substitute for human relationships”. They claim that human interaction is the only way to solve a problem, but that is clearly not always the case. Already, people have been finding it easier to cope with the burden of a phobia, and continue to make progress.

Maybe one day phobias, along with CDs and box-like televisions, could become a thing of the past.


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