Tommy Robinson, far-right activist and all round not swell guy, had thousands of fans cheering for him in the capitol, after he was arrested for contempt of court earlier this month. Oh, how they cheered and…hang on a minute.

That’s not what happened at all.

Yes, far-right activists have been incorrectly sharing a photo from Liverpool in 2005, during the Champion’s League parade. The aerial photograph shows hundreds of people gathered around St George’s Hall, celebrating the return of their football team

Obviously, people were quick to point out their mistakes, with such gems as:

And this one:

This one’s going to be short because I’m laughing so hard I can’t see my keyboard.

Check out our last Midweek Blues article here and oh goodness my sides hurt. Or this one from the Independent if you want more of Tommy Robinson’s supporters making complete asses of themselves. We mean asses like donkeys, so it’s safe for work.

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