Since the pop star’s death last week, there have been numerous stories about his life’s work, a TV programme dedicated to his life shown on SkyArts, a constellation of stars named after him and to top it all, his most recent album, released only two days before he died, has knocked Adele’s 25 off the top-selling album spot in the US.

The album Blackstar is Bowie’s first (and sadly last) album to ever reach the US top spot, after 181,000 albums were sold in the first week. His previously highest album was The Next Day which peaked its position in second place in 2013.

Bowie’s legacy of music is now taking up a good 25% of the UK Official Album Charts, and some of his most popular songs are making their way into the Top 40 Songs too, with his highest entry being Heroes at number fourteen.

Streams of his songs went up by 200% according to analysts on Spotify and Apple Music.

The constellation named after him is a collection of seven stars, all around the same area of space as Mars, in the shape of a lightning bolt, much like Bowie’s famous ‘Starman’ photo. Belgian astronomers announced the registration shortly after the artist’s death.

Bowie used the universe and the stars as a constant inspiration for his song writing, so it seems fitting that he should have his own place among the stars.

The Starman was cremated on January 14th 2016 in New York City in the US, and the ashes were buried at a grave whose location is only known to closest family.