David Cameron’s mum loses job after Tory cuts

11 March 2016

By Lauren E. White

Many thousands of people across the country can calls themselves victims of Tory cuts and today, David Cameron’s mother can add her name to the list.

Mary Cameron has appealed to the Daily Mirror for help to campaign against the closure of the children’s centre where she works. However, Mrs Cameron’s place of work will be shut down by the Conservatives’ crippling cuts to local authorities around the country.

The closure of Chirvely and Area Children’s Centre in Berkshire will leave struggling families having to pay for the session and workers themselves, despite any financial problems they may have.

Just three weeks after the infamous ‘Your Mum’ Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Cameron has put his mother in the firing line again. The Prime Minister came under fire for telling Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that his mother would tell him to “do up [his] tie”, with Mr Corbyn aptly replying: “If we’re talking of motherly advice, my late mother would have said ‘stand up for the principle of a health service free at the point of use for everybody”.

While the Prime Minister’s mother may have been able to influence her son, Mary Cameron has avoided speaking with him as she didn’t want to interfere. We wonder if she feels disengaged from British politics at the minute…

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