Deadpool: Review

Well, another Valentine’s Day has gone.

Another day of roses, chocolates and Frankie & Benny’s lunchtime specials.

But this time around, many couples got a face full of Deadpool, the fast-talking, faster-fighting merc with a mouth.

Since Ryan Reynolds’s recent awful run-in with superhero movies (Green Lantern, X-Men Origins), it’s understandable why people would be sceptical of a full-length feature with the red clad joker. But, having seen the film twice now, it’s safe to say that Fox have certainly nailed it.

The story is very clichéd. Let’s get that out of the way first. The bad guys are bad, and the good guys are good. But then there’s Wade Wilson. The catalyst as to why everything works so darn well. For Deadpool’s humour and character to work, there have to be tropes for him to rip into, so there is a sneering British bad guy with a strong female body guard. There’s a hero speech at the end (which DP blissfully ignores).

giphy (1)

He wore the brown pants!

We start with the scene shown in the trailer, and indeed the test footage a few years ago, with Deadpool explaining how he got his own film. The phrase “who did I have to fondle?” springs into my memory. From here, the jokes and the crudeness never stop.


The writers got Wade’s character down perfectly. The fourth wall breaks are seamless, and drive the film forward, as well as giving DP some much-needed relief after a fight. Or a particularly bad day.

giphy (2)

The film rules, and certainly deserves its 15 certificate (as shown by the trailer and the above gif).

Don’t know about the film yet?

Check out the trailer:

(It’s pretty NSFW, so be warned.)