Deus Ex: Pc Port Divided

August seems to be a bit of a pit of despair in terms of PC releases.

No Man’s Sky has received less than great reviews, and the port is still in an abysmal state. The new Deus Ex game is also leaving fans very disappointed, most of whom are claiming the game is over-complicated, and are foaming over the money-grabbing marketing.

Eidos Montreal, the game’s publisher, have given advice on a number of ways to fix some of the problems, including mouse acceleration, and multiple crashes throughout the first few missions.

The fixes are:

– Turn off MSAA

– Turn off Contact Hardening Shadows

– Keep Volumetric Lighting to on or off

– If you have 4GB GPU, use setting up to high

– Use 1080p resolution

– Enable Exclusive Fullscreen

But, while a few people have had some trouble on PC, it has been a rather decent port. The game does look gorgeous, there is no denying that, but there are a few issues here and there that need to be ironed out.

Including the random crashes in the beginning mission.

The game also has micro-transactions, which allow you to use real money to purchase in-game items and money. In a single player game. So obviously the fans are angry with the developers, after paying full price for a new release and being met with the option to buy things in game.

It would appear the jury is still out on whether this is worth buying or not, but we may have a review later in the month.

Check out Total Biscuit’s (rather positive) look at the PC controls and options below if you want to know more:


The game has now had an official first patch, and a number of issues plaguing the port have been fixed.