Disney’s Maleficent Tops US Box Office

4 June 2014

By Yasmine

Maleficent, which is based on the villain from Sleeping Beauty, has thrown Angelina Jolie to the top spot of the North American box office, generating £41 million during its first week of release. The dark Disney movie shows Angelina Jolie play Maleficent,  a witch who casts an evil spell on Princess Aurora and tries to destroy everyone and everything in her path. The movie also stars Jolie’s five year old daughter, Vivienne, who plays young Princess Aurora.

Maleficent is soaring ahead of other new movie releases such as X-Men: Days of a Futures Past and Seth Macfarlane’s, A Million Ways to Die in the West. Although the wonderfully wicked Disney film has topped the box office, it couldn’t match the financial power of other re-imagined fairy tales such as 2010s Alice in Wonderland, which opened with £68.9 million and Oz the Great and Powerful, which generated £46.9 million in its first week of release in the US box office.

Will it be the UK’s next big box office topper?



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