Donald has a new BF

My head is placed firmly in my hands once more. Actually, did I even have time to raise my head? This time the U.S. president has outwardly supported right-wing extremism in the UK, by retweeting several posts from ‘Britain First’s’ deputy-leader leader Jayda Fransen, Trumping everyone’s ever-lowering expectations.


Deputy Leader of ‘Britain First’ is known for anti-Islamic speech


Who is Jayda Fransen, what kind of ‘party’ is Britain First (BF from here on in)?

In a nutshell, they’re much of what’s wrong with humanity hatefully wrapped up in a tight, ugly package that I hope came with the receipt. Jayda is a high-ranking member of ‘BF’ who claims that all non-Muslims are under threat from Islam. During a recent speech in Belfast, which subsequently got her arrested, she made bold anti-Islamist claims including ‘jihad and Islam are one and the same, it’s not a separate entity’, and that she can’t walk through the street ‘without being spat at’ by Muslim extremists. Perhaps being a bit of a nicer person would be a good start in bridging the gap eh, Jayda? Granted, we’ve had more cause for concern over terrorism recently, but claiming that all Muslims are terrorists? Pretty redundant, I think.

Now, onto Trump… 

No sir, you didn’t get away with it that easily. Jayda is known for posting online videos that portray Muslims in a negative light, many of which are deemed illegitimate. The POTUS, or the person in charge of his Twitter account, retweeted three of her posts, and was criticised by many, Jeremy Corbyn among them:

One means of condemning this behaviour has been suggested by revoking his invitation to a UK state-visit, which has been demanded by numerous MPs. They agree it’s worrying that a world leader has backed such a hateful and discriminatory message.

Why don’t you and Jayda cut out the wedding and take a honeymoon the sun’s surface, eh Donald?