Drake Fans Counterfeit Anger

27 March 2014

By Yasmine

Drake fans have been left devastated after being turned away from London’s O2 Arena after purchasing counterfeit tickets. Bosses at London’s O2 Arena have said they had to turn away at least 170 people per night because of the fake tickets.

With over 500 fans being sold dodgy tickets, they had nothing left to do but to go home. Some of the tickets were bought on sites such asGumtree, Twitter and secondary ticketing services such as Seatwave. Most of the distraught fans talked about their anguish, with one person saying he had paid £100 to see his idol. The O2 Arena bosses also said they had put “a number of procedures in place to protect the customers”, but people are still managing to make fraudulent tickets as security at the O2 had to turn away over 3,600 people last year because they had purchased bogus tickets without their knowledge.

The same thing happened last month as Beyoncé fans had bought tickets for her gig at the Manchester Phone 4 U Arena, resulting in more than 140 of them being rejected.

So ticket buyers beware!


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