Drinking Habits

8 December 2013

By Yasmine

In the developed world, 15 year old British girls are the second most likely to get drunk, a report has found out. 44 per cent of the girls asked in the survey have said that they have been drunk at least twice in their life, compared to boys where 39% say they have been drunk more than twice.

The UK is one of only seven counties in which drinking is worse in girls. The UK in joint second place with Finland were second to Denmark where over half of the 15 year olds have been drunk more than twice. 56% of young women in the Scandinavian country have been drunk more than twice.

Special advisors on alcohol are saying that more and more women in their 20’s and 30’s are suffering with end-stage liver disease, which stems from drinking from an early age and are drinking heavy amounts of alcohol.

Julia Manning from 2020 Health has said “We have ended up with a situation where young girls are really concerned about seeming cool – yet they don’t care about being seen vomiting in public.” Let’s just hope that the girls of the UK will have a bit more dignity in future.

And please “ladies”, if you are going to drink…stay safe.




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