Dropping Like Flies

More people are resigning from office after Trump’s non-comments on the Charlottesville protests. If you can call them that. Two chief executives have resigned from the POTUS’ American Manufacturing Council.

Brian Krzanich of Intel (the computer people) and Under Armour head Kevin Plank. Under Armour is a global sportswear distributor, which should be a real thorn in the side. Where will Trump get his free sports bras from now!?

The actual size of Trump’s hands. Yes, that joke is still funny.

These two follow Ken Frazier, of the Merck pharmaceutical company.

After a woman was killed at a white-supremacist rally, they criticized not the lack of response from Trump, but blamed “both sides”.

Mr. Plank sent a tweet which read:

Then a follow-up statement detailing why he was leaving the Council.

Not long after this, Mr. Krzanich released a statement in the same sort of vein, that he was also leaving the Council “to call attention to the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to critical issues.”

We’re going to hope it’s because he also thinks Nazis are bad.

Very bad.

The worst in fact. They killed millions of people and the fact that the President of the b**ping United States can’t outright say they’re evil is incredibly worrying.

We miss Obama.