Dry Generation

10 January 2014

By Yasmine

Studies have recently shown that there has been a rise of young non-drinkers here in the UK. ‘There’s nothing that says you can’t go out and have fun without having a drink,’ these reports state. Surveys carried out in 1988 showed 71% of 16 to 26 year olds had had an alcoholic drink that week; whereas by 2010 only 48% said that they had an alcoholic drink in the week the survey was carried out.

People automatically assume that when young people turn 18 they like to go down the pub or to a friend’s house to have a drink but this isn’t always the case. Young people are starting to realise that you can have a good time just hanging out with each other instead of drinking. Some young people also say it is better to stay sober so that you can help your friends home safely.

So why are young people not turning to alcohol as much?

A few young people have been turned off drink just by seeing intoxicated  people standing outside pubs/clubs and hearing and seeing their foul behaviour. Some young people have grown up with parents or family members who have had a drinking problem and they have wanted a different life for themselves. Other young people may have been put off alcohol by seeing how their friends might act when they are under the influence;  as they can do dangerous and stupid things…. and are not afraid to vomit in public either.

Just remember ladies and gents, there is no such thing as a “pretty” drunk… you do look a mess when you have sick in your hair and you’re falling all over the place.

So for now, let’s call ourselves the “dry” generation.



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