Dungeons Offering Redheads Free Entry

29 June 2018

By Alex Khalil

Doesn’t get more British than this does it? With the UK basking in a heatwave currently, where better to spend it than underground in the Dungeons of Blackpool. Especially if you’re of the ginger disposition.

No disrespect, heat can be troublesome when all you do is turn a bright shade of red. We’ve all been there. But instead of lathering the factor 50 or forgoing the frolicking in the sun, the Blackpool Tower Dungeon has a better idea.

In a press release, the general manager of the outlet said:

‘Looking around Blackpool, we’ve seen people walking around with the worst T-shirt tans that you can imagine. It felt right that we do something to help them out and allow them to escape this current heatwave.

We want everyone to be able to get some enjoyment out of the rise in temperature and with it set to continue until the early week, I think some people will need a visit to the Dungeons!’

All those with fair hair need to do is say ‘Ginger Entry’ at the front desk and they can enjoy an hour inside the Dungeons, what do you think of that Kieran?  

For more info, check out their website.

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