EastEnders Defend Rape Storyline

9 October 2014

By Yasmine

EastEnders is well known for its controversy and the recent rape storyline involving Linda Carter and Dean Wicks has put another spanner in the works for the EastEnders producers. Just under 300 complaints were made after viewers thought it was too inappropriate to be shown before 9pm.

This isn’t the first time that EastEnders have shown a rape storyline, as back in 2003 Little Mo, a member of the Slater family, was assaulted by a punter in the Queen Vic. Emmerdale have also had a rape storyline which saw Lisa Dingle being assaulted by her close friend Derek Benrose.

The Walford Square cast and crew have been quick to defend the storyline by saying they have worked very closely with Rape Crisis and other experts in the field. Matt Di Angelo who plays Dean Wicks has also spoken out about the soap attack and defended the storyline, saying he doesn’t mind getting abuse in public if the storyline helps real-life victims speak out.

EastEnders are happy with the decision to air the show on Monday night and have said they haven’t broken any rules as there were no scenes of graphic nature.

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