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4 February 2015

By Melanie

Seldom do I feel the need to post on this blog and rightly so as you are left in the capable hands of our expert team of writers; but today one of that team was mentioned in the Houses of Parliament in Prime Minister’s Questions. Her mention was regarding the cuts to the curriculum and staff at her school, Thorp Academy and I just have to speak on this.

Lauren and the rest of the team at b**p never fail to impress me with their ideas and their determination to get their voices heard, and it is weeks such as this that put into perspective how badly our young people need to be heard. While we offer just a small platform for young people in the area to get their voices heard and opinions out to the masses, it is an outlet that they can use to their advantage and hopefully inspire future generations.

With diminishing youth services and the continued cuts in schools is it any wonder tomorrow’s leaders don’t feel valued? Is it any wonder that teenagers like Lauren are speaking out when they see subjects that they enjoy being cut from their curriculum? Teachers who are good at their jobs being discarded because of mismanagement?

Speaking to a number of young people with the build up to the May election what really concerns me is the number of those who are eligible to vote opting to not bother. This isn’t because they don’t care, nor because they don’t ‘get’ politics (and at Thorp Academy you definitely won’t next year), but because they feel nothing will be done to benefit them. How loud do our young people have to raise their voices to be heard? Sitting in amongst the group of young people who I am proud to rub shoulders with and be educated by every Wednesday night, I feel roofs will be royally raised.

I just hope that the powers that be forget their ear plugs the day they are.

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