Epstein and Maxwell: Mysteries still unsolved

2 July 2021

By Fraser

It has now been established that the UK was another hotspot. Another hotspot for Jeffrey Epstein to procure underage girls for sex trafficking. All with the help of on-trial associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

A Channel 4 News team has revealed that almost a dozen young women and girls were trafficked and abused over a decade by Epstein and Maxwell.

The UK is now added to the list of locations that Epstein has enacted his heinous acts. Other places he has solicited minors for prostitution include Florida, The Virgin Islands, New York, New Mexico and Paris.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s connection to the billionaire allowed access to the UK as one of their sex trafficking points. Maxwell was the daughter of media baron Robert Maxwell, who was heavily suspected of having ties to Mossad and the KGB. This further indicates that Jeffrey Epstein may have had links to specific intelligence agencies.

Much like his many famous friends, British authorities have turned blind eyes to Epstein’s numerous allegations over the years.


Epstein was well-known for associating with a cabal of rich and powerful people, including former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, billionaire Bill Gates and most infamously, Prince Andrew.

Ghislaine Maxwell too seems to have a habit of popping up in faded celebrity photographs, like some sex-trafficking Forrest Gump. Appearing alongside Trump, Elon Musk and even standing in the background of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Clearly, Bill and Hillary thought highly of her.

It is possible that Prince Andrew’s status ensured that British law enforcement swept the issue under the rug. It would hardly surprise anyone.

We all remember the Prince’s infamous car crash of an interview almost two years ago. The fact that someone can display such a lack of intelligence in trying to defend himself from the most serious of allegations astounds me.

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While the latter half of 2019’s biggest stories seemed to exclusively revolve around the prince and the paedophile, that tide turned quickly. When 2020 rolled around, Coronavirus took the headlines. The socioeconomic consequences of the pandemic have pushed Epstein and Maxwell to the side.

But I believe continuing to cover this story is a fundamentally important piece of journalism.

The source of Epstein’s fortune is still an enigma. His whole persona was that of a Gatsby-esque figure that nobody knew.

He was a hedge-fund manager of sorts, yet there are no videos of him giving financial lectures or advice on any news outlet or website. He comes across as less of a financier and more of an actor playing one.

How long was the knowledge of Epstein and Maxwell’s crimes in the UK withheld? How far do exploits extend? It is highly possible that this group of women are but a fraction of those trafficked in the past thirty years alone.

Epstein’s influence spreads far and wide. His donations to science and academia could have had immense ramifications.

It has been widely reported that Epstein wanted to ‘seed his DNA with humanity’ and with the amount of money he donated to Harvard, who knows what could have been accomplished.

This man wasn’t just some rich pervert. He was an unbelievably powerful and enigmatic entity with ambitions propped up by his unmatched narcissism.

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently on trial in the US. There is extreme secrecy regarding the proceedings, despite any and all scraps of information inviting interest. The only pieces of information we have come in the forms of court drawings rather than any substantial photo evidence.

Due to Epstein’s highly controversial and suspicious death last year, Maxwell is the best lead we have in obtaining information. This is information that can help the people of the public protect their children and loved ones from what we have suspected for so long: that there are people in power who will abuse it.

Yet, here we are kept in the dark about it. The Epstein saga has given us a glimpse into a world we were never supposed to know even existed. It’s important to keep the Epstein scandal in our minds rather than just let it fade into obscurity.

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