Europe Bound

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9 March 2015

By NEBeep

Electro Velvet’s song has been selected by hundreds for this years Eurovision competition in Vienna. Despite hundreds voting for the song they have received mixed reactions to being selected as teh UK representative for the age old comp. Their song, ‘Still in Love With You’, is an up-tempo electric swing track. The song’s musical style has split fans securing both positive reviews and negative reviews.

The Telegraph’s Neil McCormick called the song “a Cole Porter-style 20s jazz pastiche, with strained faux witty lyrics that are clearly meant to represent a kind of old world British sophistication”. The song Electro Velvet will be performing at the cult singing competition, which also gets a mix of positive and negative reviews each year, was written by David Mindel and Adrian Bax White.

Austria’s Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest last year, meaning it will be held in her home country.

We’ll let you decide for your self on if this is worthy of an entry to the Eurovision for the UK….


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