Ever Been Told off for Missing School Because of Holidays?

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30 January 2014

By Bronwen

“You may have had a holiday, but you need to catch up on the work”

Sound familiar? Well it should, as some families are often forced to go on holidays during term time rather than holiday time.

A study has shown that 55% of parents have took their kids on holiday during term time. This isn’t surprising, as holiday companies are often criticised for raising their prices dramatically when it comes to the holiday season. But revolution is upon us, as a frustrated parent named Paul Cookson posted a rant on Facebook, that triggered thousands of responses. He expressed his immense disgust at how he was penalised for doing the right thing by taking his daughter away in the holidays rather than term time.

Numerous petitions have emerged, that if successful will stop holiday companies raising their prices. There is no way around it; what companies are doing to families is wrong.

Will you be signing a petition?



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