A Dozen Summers is an independent 2015 children’s comedy film. The hour-and-a-half piece follows the lives of Maisie and Daisy McCormack – two twelve-year-old girls stuck between the parallels of childhood and adulthood.

The warm and familiar boom of  Colin Baker’s voice (he is widely known for his role as a Time Lord) opens the film and narrates the whole introduction, adding a Hollywood-style feel to the film, particularly when put together with Andrew Stamp’s perfect soundtrack. However, the fictional narration soon comes to a grounding halt when Maisie McCormack comically asks, “are you filming children?”

Written and directed by Kenton Hall, A Dozen Summers is unusual when compared to what we often see on the big screen. There is no particular plot line, simply an inside look at what it’s like to be a ‘tween’ in the 21st century. Hero and Scarlet Hall who play the twins do it very well indeed. The two budding actresses have the potential to go on to have top roles in television when they mature as they easily outshine their fellow child actors who often appear to lack personality.

A teen drama that is spirited and full of life is something that will easily hold the interest and minds of those who are twelve and will become twelve in the near future. While Hall’s style of interrupting the narrative is often difficult to follow, young people especially will be almost fascinated by the style of the film, which will give them an insight into real life.

A Dozen Summers is being screened in limited cinemas from August 31st. For more details click here.