Exploring the Derwent Reservoir

24 September 2020

By Lauren E. White

Just west of Consett and on the border of County Durham and Northumberland lies the Derwent Reservoir – a spot of true national beauty basically right on our doorstep.

With the rambling hills, still anglers and rafts of ducks, the Derwent Reservoir is a calming spot for a long walk and a good old picnic. The terrain is mixed, too – some grassy, some a track and, the closer you get to the water, it becomes a little rocky. It’s perfect for your dog, too, who will most likely have a dip in the water – and a drink.

It’s an easy walk too, no hills or steep inclines, with a picnic spot located along the way as well as a few benches at one end of the Reservoir. If you’re a photography enthusiast, you’ll absolutely love this walk too. The variety of terrain makes it a perfect spot for water photos, rock photos, grass photos and nature photos too. I came away with an abundance of great shots that U wasn’t even expecting to get.

Overall, if you’re looking for something to do one weekend either by yourself or with the family, the Derwent Reservoir is perfect. A walk or a picnic by the water is one of the most calming things you can do for yourself. And in a world where there is so much noise, why not enjoy the quieter side of life for a while?

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