Face Off

31 January 2014

By Yasmine

The Tyne and Wear derby is arguably the most passionate  in English football but it is in danger of becoming the most poisonous.

The rivalry between Newcastle and Sunderland has gotten out of hand. No matter what team wins tomorrow, people guarantee it is going to end in mayhem! The last derby was held in April 2013 and Sunderland won 3-0, leaving Newcastle fans devastated! 111 arrests were made that day including a granddad wearing a ‘toon’ scarf over his face who infamously punched Bud the police horse!

This just brings embarrassment to both teams. We Geordies should be ashamed of ourselves at the fact Sunderland fans had to be escorted by riot police through the city so they could board trains safely home. People need to take into consideration that children also attend the event.

Northumbria Police demanded (what they call a bubble restriction) that all Sunderland fans attending St James Park should travel by special buses rather than public transport and kick off should start in the evening for less conflict to occur. With help from the Football Supporters Federation, Newcastle and Sunderland fans campaigned against the ‘bubble restriction’ claiming that with the spirit and reasonable cooperation, on both side, will continue through Saturday’s highly anticipated clash. Thank God we have found something we agree on.

So howay lads keep it clean and stay safe.

May the best team win…


Saturday 1st February

12:45 KO

St James Park



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