7 May 2014

By Lauren E. White

There are innumerable varieties of fans across the planet, all of them dedicated to an artist, an entertainer, a writer, TV shows and their actors. The celebrity world seems to mesmerise so many of us in this day and age, and, it seems as though the fans keep growing and becoming more dedicated and devoted.

We’ve all had a giggle at names, though, whether it be baby names, animal names or the notorious ‘fandom names’ – the names of those devoted fans. There are many titles that celebrities have given to their fans; the trend apparently began thanks to the scandalous Canadian singer Justin Bieber with his ‘Beliebers’, but there is indeed controversy with this argument as it could also have been the ever-so-slightly crazy Lady Gaga, her fan base named ‘Little Monsters’. Here are a few of our favourite fandom (an abbreviation commonly used for a fan base) names:

–          ‘Directioners’: Oh yes, the unstoppable fans. While these feisty females are followers of the world’s most famous and kindest band, One Direction, these fans are certainly no pushovers. They are known to slay any hater of the band and will defend them to the ends of the Earth – watch out, they’re behind you!

–          ‘Swifties’: Definitely the fans with a double identity, country artist Taylor Swift’s fan base have their moments… Quite a lot of them, actually. They will portray themselves just as cute as their idol, but have previously trended on social media ‘#DirectionersDeserveCancer’ – be warned, they are not cute and fluffy like your favourite teddy bear.

–          ‘Lovatics’: The nice ones. There is not a bad side of these beautiful people – they are just as wonderful as their idol Demi Lovato, the star of Disney Channel’s Sonny With a Chance and now a world-wide famous pop star. Lovato has a strong 20 million Twitter followers and after her turbulent past suffering from mental illnesses, she inspires many to go on with the fans being just like her.



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