Farage’s Pub Crawl

11 October 2014

By Lauren E. White

Controversial UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, has promised to organise a pub crawl throughout the evening in the hope he will get the people of Clacton to vote for his party in today’s by-election.

As UKIP stood on the brink of receiving its first MP in this Parliament, its leader claimed he would do all he could to ‘coax people down to the polling station’. Does he realise he’s not the Pied Piper?

Adding to his column in The Independent, Farage said: “This evening UKIP have organised a Clacton pub crawl to encourage the remaining men and women who are yet to engage with democracy to stake their claim in tomorrow’s result.”

Granted, a pub crawl is certainly an odd method of gaining votes but Mr Farage could find his party gaining a surge in the results – making him appear to be down-to-earth. His madness follows months of debate around most of what he decides to voice, but, at the end of the day it’s all about the publicity.

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