In perhaps the most untimely manner – just ten days prior to election day – the FBI reopened the probe into Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

Mrs Clinton was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing back in July when the use of a private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State was called into question. The FBI said that her handling of classified information on the server was “extremely careless” and Clinton is still facing the repercussions of her actions during her Presidential campaign.

New information made its way to the Federal Bureau of Investigation following the separate investigation into the vice chairwoman of Mrs Clinton’s campaign, Huma Abedin, after her estranged husband sent explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl.

The controversy surrounding the second probe into the e-mails comes from the lack of information currently being provided by the FBI. Clinton said in a hastily-arranged press conference, “[the media’s] guess is as good as mine,” when it comes down to what exactly the bureau is investigating.

FBI director James Comey has defended the move, saying that not making the investigation public would be “misleading”. Republican nominee Donald Trump has praised the decision, despite previously having condemned the organisation.

Reports are suggesting that this new probe will be a blow to the Clinton campaign which has been plain sailing since lewd and offensive comments made by Mr Trump were released from the archives earlier this month.