Fifty Shades of Puzzled

12 February 2015

By Annie

The Fifty Shades wildfire has spread to the most unexpected of areas – even into a Pennsylvanian middle school’s curriculum!

The erotic trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James first captivated the world when it was first released in 2011. It was catapulted into fame when word began to spread about the intense passion of the romance between Anastasia and Mr Grey – which took an unexpected twist when Grey welcomed Ana into his mysterious world of ‘extreme’ sexual desires. Women and men alike gossiped endlessly about the firey bedroom antics explicitly outlined in the novel.

This hysteria has recently been adapted into an on-screen production and will be released on Valentines Day 2015, with a rating of 18, directed by the fantastic Sam Taylor-Wood. Having received enormous praise from American critics, it will certainly be one of its kind.

A debate has been ongoing on what should be the youngest age to be allowed to experience this erotic story – however, it is most definitely too mature for the children of a Westmoreland County middle school (in British ages, these students would be ranging from Year 5 to Year 8). It has been reported that an unnamed teacher accidentally printed out a Fifty Shades themed word search, filled with explicit terms, and handed it to the students. A student who completed it reported that it contained the words “sensuality”, “bondage” and “paddling” to name but a few! An investigation will occur into which teacher allowed this to happen, though it is safe to say damage has been done to the poor unsuspecting young students who were enlightened to the dark depths of sex in their classrooms!

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