We’ve all heard of and are likely to have watched many, many different adaptations of the traditional fairy tale Cinderella, a story about a young girl who is forced to live with and serve her ‘evil stepmother’, while her two step-sisters live a life of luxury, following the death of her beloved father. When the family receive an invite to the palace ball, Cinderella is ecstatic, but, as usual, her step-mother gets involved and forces her to stay inside to work. However, a magical visit from a wonderful fairy godmother changes everything, and Cinderella does go to the ball! Though there have been endless remakes of this fairy tale, including the extremely modernised version A Cinderella Story (featuring Hilary Duff) and Ever After, it seems that we just can’t get enough; Disney have provided us with yet another version, simply named Cinderella, which was released early in 2015.

So, what makes this adaptation different from the rest? Well, not a lot, except for improved graphics and arguably better acting than most others, with a few minor changes to the plot. For example, Ella (the slightly revised name for Cinderella) meets her prince when riding in the woods before the ball, setting us up for what is a more in-depth look at the lovers’ relationship. While this is still undoubtedly a very traditional version of Cinderella, with Ella talking to the animals and a pumpkin magically turning into a carriage, it does retain the magical elements of Disney’s films that we all adore, and if it was to be modernised any further it just wouldn’t quite have the same effect.

In an age during which many fairy tales are criticised for their patriarchal viewpoints and repression of women, Cinderella still retains some elements of the genre, but presents us with more of an independent female, who doesn’t quite conform to the typical character. Unimpressed by wealth, she does not fall for a prince but rather someone who she believes to be an apprentice, following her mother’s mantra to ‘have courage and be kind’. This adaptation seems to have more of a moral to it, giving us some hope for revised fairy tales and what entertainment they can provide us with.

If you’re a fan of Disney and you love a good fairy tale, Cinderella will not fail to impress. Though it does not stray far from the traditional tale, you will still be left in awe and excitement as you watch Ella fall for the Prince.