Film Review: Daddy’s Home

Starring the weird and wonderful Will Ferrell, Daddy’s Home follows a down-to-earth radio executive who is desperate to win over the hearts of his step-children by being the best possible father. Patiently driving them to school while staying in the cones, helping them with their private troubles and even being their sports coach, Brad (Ferrell) is the perfect father figure. But it takes much more than that to please two young kids who see everything as an adventure, particularly when their real father (Wahlberg) turns up on a motorbike and starts allowing them to break the rules. Of course, this means that the two father figures must fight for the attention of the children, resulting in some hilarious scenes.

A particular favourite resulted in Brad being electrocuted after he tried to show off his skating skills and outperform Dusty in front of the kids. Or else when he pretended that he used to ride a motorbike and graciously offered to move Dusty’s off the drive for him, resulting in a rather painful ride into the wall. While each of these moments are undoubtedly comical, and a laugh for all of the family, they are often predictable. Each time Brad messes up, Dusty is there to save the day – typical.

Despite having received many negative reviews after its release, this film does everything that is expected from a comedy. With great acting, some cringe-worthy moments and, most importantly, hilarious scenes, there really isn’t much to complain about. While some of the slapstick comedy has been seen before, and this admittedly is not one of Ferrell’s greatest movies, there is no denying that you will be laughing throughout.

B**P’s rating: 3.5/5