Mrs Doubtfire tells the story of the man who will stop at nothing to see his three children. After an emotionally tiring divorce from his wife Miranda, Hillard (Robin Williams) will let nothing get in the way of his plans to see his children every day like he has done since the day they were born. Daniel’s world involves having the most spontaneous, slightly psychotic and challenging brainstorms ever to enable him to get to the people he loves the most. The eccentric character seeks help to create another persona for himself – as a woman… Mrs Euphegenia Doubtfire. Based on the novel ‘Madame Doubtfire’ by Anne Fine, the film makes for great viewing for all ages.

A common theme in every film Williams stars in is that the film is always his film. Forget everything else in the film, there’s Robin Williams – a personality on screen and off, something that the audience thrive on. His performance is utterly enticing and one that is not to be sniffed at by any critic because of his great empathy and compassion in his role as Daniel Hillard, a man who undergoes great scrutiny from a judge on numerous occasions for taking part in something that seemed natural to him. The performance that Wilson, Jakub and Lawrence give as Hillard’s three children is very high quality for actors as young as themselves; a sense of great empathy with their characters is really shown to the audience. They are extremely in touch with their characters – almost as though Williams has been giving them booster lessons.

With its unprecedented success in box offices around the world, making it a global phenomenon, it is really a film to keep in your mind. Spider-Man has not got a thing on the world’s greatest ‘hip-hoppin’’ granny Doubtfire, who makes sure that ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ is one hell of a film.