Final AC Trailer

With less than two weeks to go, the final Assassin’s Creed trailer has been released, along with a sneak peak at one of the scenes.

This last trailer is the most intriguing one yet. It looks to be a crescendo of fan service and some really cool action sequences. We are still hazy on the story details, however. We know that it will be the same old Templar vs. Assassins; however, we don’t know the specifics.

It was revealed earlier this year that most of the dialogue in the past would be in Spanish, to fit the tone and the setting of the past. This was a bold move on Justin Kurzel’s part (the director), and should hopefully give a more authentic feel to the past sequences.

In a recent interview with Empire, Fassbender, who plays the lead role of Callum Lynch, said that the film would be “ambiguous morally”.

“Both of these parties – the Templars and the Assassins – are hypocritical at certain points. There are not clear-cut good and bad characters. I think it’s a little more provocative for an audience to see that. You know, ‘Should I be feeling that? Should I be backing this character?’ That’s always fun.”

The film will hit theatres on the 21st of December worldwide.

Check out the final trailer and the clip below.